Making a Big Impact in a Small Place

The word philanthropy literally means “the practical expression of love towards humanity”; this definition encapsulates exactly what we’re hoping to do through the work of the trust, showing God’s love to people in a practical way through financial and prayer support.

BREAD raises funds for famine relief and makes grants to projects in the village of Berega, Tanzania. All the projects are run in conjunction with the Diocese of Morogoro and include work in the Hospital, Kindergarten, Orphanage and Lay Training Centre.

Bread was founded in 2001 to help address the needs of people living in Berega, Tanzania. Since its foundation it has given over £200,000 to projects in the village at the hospital, orphanage, lay training centre and to help set up the newly founded School of Nursing (SONAB).

It is run by a group of volunteer trustees, all of whom have some kind of connection to Berega.