Our Time In Berega 2018 - Anne and David Curnock

2018 - 2019

Anne and Divid Curnock recently spent a couple of months in Berega and they have written an update from their time there along with some photos of the people & places of Berega. Click to read the full update …

BCPS Sponsorship Scheme

September 2016

BREAD is proud to be partnering Mission Morogoro and the Diocese of Morogoro in raising sponsorship for students in the Bishop Chitemo Primary School in Berega. This year we have been able to help with the construction of the classrooms and now would like to help those poorer children in the village to get a better start in life through a good education at Bishop Chitemo Primary School. We recognise that many of you who visit this page will be existing supporters of BREAD and we thank you for your continued support and care for the village. We would humbly ask that you consider this worthwhile project and please extend the invitation to anyone you know that may be interested in this educational project.

Sponsor a Child

Berega Trip 2015

August 2015

A team of people from two UK church are currently in Berega working on a number of projects in the village. Keep up to date with their progress on the blog.

November Update

12 November 2014

Mike Mytton and Gary Mann are in Berega to report on the progress of this years projects and to discuss possibilities for next year. Here you can see the 5 shops on the hospital perimeter, the SONAB computer room, the operating theatre windows and the grain store.

5 shops on the hospital perimeter

The SONAB computer room

The operating theatre windows

The grain store

… plus a photo of the finished new bridge

The new bridge

Bridge Update

25 September 2014

Dear friends

The bridge work has resumed. It seems next week the work will be finished. We are very happy of this.

Thank you for your prayers.


New Berega Bridge Being Built

New Berega Bridge Being Built

New Berega Bridge Being Built

Good Progress Being Made On The New Bridge

31 July 2014

New Berega Bridge Being Built

New Berega Bridge Being Built

Prayer Request - Berega Bridge Collapse

23 January 2014

Keep up to date with news of the Berega Bridge Collapse and progress of the replacement project.

UPDATE from Rev Isaac Mgego, Director of Berega Hospital - 4th April:

I would like to let you know that the bridge work has begun three days ago. The Chinese company has started to work on the road from the junction at the main road to the river. The work has not yet gone far but we are told it will take three months to finish. We will update you on the progress.

UPDATE from Brad Logan, Director of Hands4Africa - 26th Feb:

The Tanzanian authorities tell us that they signed a contract with a Chinese company to build a temporary bridge. They say that construction will start next week. While we understand the zeal for a temporary bridge, we have asked them to consider a permanent Bailey bridge that can be constructed in 12 weeks. Failing that, we will press for its use as a permanent, low cost structure that completely spans the river.

Brad Logan, Director of Hands4Africa:

Tragedy has struck our beloved Berega. Heavy rains have destroyed the only bridge leading into town. The rain must have been heavy upstream as our weather station in Berega recorded only 0.5 mm of rain. This will be a major set back for all of our operations and for the people of Berega, and those served by the hospital. We will have to start exploring options on how this bridge can be replaced.

Ute Klatt, Director of Berega Orphanage:

Last night we came back to Berega after the annual board meeting of the Diocese of Morogoro. The last few days it had been raining heavily in the mountains. Last night there was again heavy rains in the mountains and this time also in Berega. There was so much rain, that our bridge collapsed. We are now cut off from the outside world. The current is so strong that no one can cross the river. The bridge in Dumila on the way to Morogoro is washed away as well. We are totally cut off. The staff of the Hospital and the orphanage who live on the other side of the river, can not come to work and the other employees have to take their shifts. My family, and the volunteers are ok, we are glad that we were able to return home safely. Please pray for a quick solution.

Rev Isaac Mgego, Director of Berega Hospital:

BAD NEWS FROM BEREGA-THE BRIDGE IN BEREGA IS NO MORE!!!!!!!!! I would like to inform you that the only bridge in Berega has swept away on 22nd by heavy rains in Berega and and sorrounding areas.

Myself I was in Morogoro in the morning when I was informed about the bridge and the rains.I arrived in evening and I could not believe that the bridge is no longer there!!! In order to come home it was a must to be brought by a young guy on her back!!! am happy am safe,

As a result of the bridge being away one person died at the hospital, she was referred to Morogoro but could not go ,hence died without any advanced help. The other one passed away but the family could not take the diseased home because of the sadden lack of the bridge.We presume many people will die without help just beyond the river.

The hospital will suffer much because many people will not come to the hospital meanwhile the salary payment must be the same!!

We are not sure of the government plan for the bridge.In the evening hours we saw a government helicopter coming to the bridge,we think it came to make some evaluation.

The other bridge which has gone is at Dumila village 30kms from Berega to Morogoro,there at the moment whoever planning to go to Morogoro must go through Kilosa route.This will make a total of almost 155kms from Berega to Morogoro instead of 110.This adding more cost for patients who will be referred to Morogoro reginal hospital.Also the cost of transporting medicines and medical supplies will be higher.

Also at the moment there is no electricity at the hospital because two poles swept away by the rains.The main challenge now is how to get fuel from Gairo to the hospital for the generators.


Please pray for the people of Berega and those in the surrouding area.

Below are photos of the bridge before and after the flood.

Berega Bridge As It Stood

Berega Bridge As It Is Now

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