BREAD and Water

The availability of fresh, drinkable water is an ever-present concern in Africa and particularly in Berega. To help with this we’re launching an appeal for money to help improve the situation there.

We rarely appeal for money – the last one was for a second hand Land Rover in 2014 – but we would really like to finish this project as soon as possible, before the end of the year.

Why we need to help with water in Berega

This videos will explain why the water situation in the village is so important.

The work is being carried out by a Tanzanian NGO called SAWA who specialise in rural sanitation and water projects. They are doing the work in three phases, with each phase costing approximately £10,000.

The first phase is complete and we need more money to complete the second phase. Briefly, the reasons for doing the work are as follows:

  • The existing village bore hole is not very reliable and is expensive.
  • Taken over all the Diocesan organisations, there are more students, patients and staff than ever and so the demand is high;
  • Climate change is leading to less rainfall and is lowering the water table;

The Plan

The solution is to renovate and renew the rain water harvesting system: tanks, gutters and pipes. By doing this, SAWA estimate that we will reduce the demand for bore hole water by about 40%. Those of you who have been supporting us for many years will know that we have invested in large rain water storage tanks before. These are still usable, but much of the rest of the infrastructure has decayed over time.

SAWA will give seminars to allow staff to make the best use of this resource, and to ensure that maintenance work is taken seriously. Rainwater is free and of good quality. It is a no-brainer to make use of it and we are hoping that this intervention will help all the Diocesan organisations in the village.

How You Can Help

Give Online Give Offline

If neither of those are possible, maybe you can show the video in your church? Or among friends?

Thank you for reading this and watching the video. We are very grateful for all our supporters. Like us, you are trying to make a big difference, in one small place!